Startup Stories Ep 2. 
Paul Becker - Art Money 

Fin-tech Startup: The easy way to buy art.

In this episode we talk to Paul Becker, founder & CEO of Art Money, a web app that enables collectors to apply for an interest free loan to purchase art.

Paul tells us about Art Money's journey from startup to early stage company. Going through multiple funding rounds and bouncing back when things don't go as planned.

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Being a founder needs relentless focus.

It’s very much a mental journey and you need a real mental resilience. It's is not for everyone. I was fortunate that my kids were older, there is a time and place thing, I couldn’t have done it family wise 10 years ago. If you don’t have that relentless focus then it’s not for you. There have been hundreds of times I could have given up.

Founders find a way.

My job as a founder was to find the money and get it done. Founders have three jobs; communicate the vision, build a team and don’t run out of money. I’ve never had a problem with the vision or building a team, the running out of money has been the issue. The funding side has been my life over the last couple of years.

Stay lean and hungry.

There's no right path for any one business, but I’m a believer that doing it tougher is better in the long term.

Your team is everything.

Having the right team, whether investors or on your team, is critical. Every business develops and changes. The smart investors back the founder not the business model.

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