Book a comprehensive 
cloud infrastructure review 

Uncover hidden risks and optimise your cloud’s security, performance and scalability with a complimentary cloud infrastructure review.

Don't leave your business vulnerable to cyber threats, performance issues, and unnecessary monthly costs. Our AWS Cloud Infrastructure review service provides a high-level evaluation of your cloud setup to identify vulnerabilities, optimise resources, and enhance overall security.

Following our assessment, you'll receive a report that highlights our findings, including any vulnerabilities and suggested improvement in the key areas below. We provide clear and actionable recommendations, enabling you to make informed decisions and learn how well your AWS architecture is aligned to cloud best practices.

Cloud infrastructure review

Improve resilience

If your organisation depends on cloud software, then resilience and reliability is a top priority. Are workloads deployed across multiple availability zones for redundancy? Is there a backup and disaster recovery plan in place? Can your infrastructure auto-scale to meet demand when needed? In addition we look at how monitoring is used to ensure any issues are captured.

Strengthen security

With new cyber security threats every minute, maintaining robust security is paramount. During the infrastructure review, we will assess security protocols, encryption methods, access controls, and compliance frameworks. We will also look for potential weaknesses and vulnerabilities to pinpoint where and how your security defences need to be improved.

Cost savings

We will review your AWS usage and configuration, and highlight opportunities for optimising and reducing monthly running costs. This may include consolidation of different AWS services, eliminating redundant services or options, and swapping or migrating to better alternatives that may improve performance, security and resilience, while reducing cost.

Enhance performance

Our review will include your infrastructure's performance and scalability. We analyse factors such as load balancing, network latency, and resource scalability to ensure your cloud environment is ready to scale and make the most of the elasticity that AWS provides.

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We have worked with Custom D for a number of years and they are extremely knowledgable in what they do. Their understanding of AWS systems and architecture is incredible. Their efficiency in diagnosing issues and identifying optimisation potential is paramount to both our required up time and customer satisfaction.

Luke Siemonavich - Development Manager,