Startup Stories Ep 3. 
Danny Hui - Sameview 

Project management software for creatives

We caught up with Danny Hui, founder and CEO of Sameview to chat about how he got Sameview off the ground and the lessons he learnt along the way.

Sameview, is a technology based start-up that aims to improve care coordination for families caring for a person with a disability.

Danny found it really hard to get any traction working on the project part time whilst balancing his sons care commitments and it wasn't until he committed a full time effort to it that he actually got any progress.

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Key Takeaways

Try and spend zero dollars validating things

Test your ideas with people on paper or non functioning designs. Really push that phase out as much as you can until you get some confidence.

Funding is hard

There isn't much funding out there for early stage/pre revenue startups so you really have to work hard at things like grants and maybe crowdfunding, and funding it yourself of course.

Learn from your mistakes

Our first MVP was pretty feature laden, there were lots of great things but maybe we didn't need them all at that time. Once we learnt those lessons we pulled it right back to what our users were saying was the most important thing to them.

Try to derive success as you go

I think it's important not to see success as a goal on the horizon. For me it's the individual stories we get back from customers. Any time we get to be out there talking about the issues we are trying to solve. All of those are little wins.