Online recruitment search and database

Insource web app

JLR are specialists in their field and they do things a little differently to traditional recruitment agencies. Their knowledge of the entire legal labour force in New Zealand is second to none and digitising their processes was critical if they wanted to scale the business.

Partnering with Custom D was excellent medicine for the pain of having attempted but failed to execute the project with another development partner.

As a small business, the investment in building ‘Insource’ has been considerable, however the benefits have been immediate and will continue to expand as further enhancements are made over time.

Quote Mark

Right away, I could see their passion for our project; they understood what we wanted to achieve. I could see they were trustworthy, too. They don't take a short-term view so they can get more money out of a project more quickly. They're a really ethical, critical, and committed team.

Jennifer Little, Managing Director - JLR

What We Built

An online database with sophisticated search and reporting capabilities.

Point of Difference

Able to demonstrate a great point of difference through candidate and industry knowledge, driven by their ability to rapidly search and produce results from their database.

Ability to Scale

The resulting efficiency of Insource has reduced the time taken for some core searches by up to 70%. Allowing the small team at JLR to build and grow the business without having to bring on additional resources.

Leveraging Technology

Each of JLR’s clients receives a very personal service and Insource is developed to support that, not replace it. Reducing admin time has allowed JLR to spend more time where it matters – taking care of their clients.

Building to a Road Map

Insource continues to be built in stages. Spending substantial time up front to understand the business, their objectives and big picture aspirations ensures there is an ongoing cohesive approach to the development of the Insource. This will prolong it’s life and extend it’s value.