Māori Word Find

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Māori Word Fine Mobile App Game

Māori Word Finder is a mobile app designed with the vision of supporting the education and learning of Māori language in a fun, modern and engaging way.

Custom D was approached to help develop this application so it would be accessible to a wide audience of people across Aotearoa and the globe.

Not only did it require the interface to be fun, simple ,and intuitive, it also required a back-end infrastructure that would support a growing number of users, each with different needs and preferences.

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Quote Mark

Custom D is easy to work with — they always listen to my requests and attend to them promptly.

Director, Jojahawa Ltd

Accessible to All

The app is built to cater to all ages and allow anyone to start learning in a fun way, without the barriers of logging in or having to sign up.

Dynamic Puzzles

The word find puzzles are generated on demand allowing users to select their level of difficulty (easy, medium, hard).

Cross Platform

Using React Native allowed for code to be leveraged for deployment to both platforms - Google Android and Apple iOS.

Game Management

The app has a seperate administration interface where the games can be managed and updated. This includes a pool of words for the puzzles that can be edited over time.