Backend API & Customer Service Portal

Doggone is a technology-based solution for the quick and safe reuniting of you and your lost dog.

The Bluetooth chip in every Doggone tag is programmed to connect with the GPS capability on any phone nearby that has the Doggone App installed. This enables the GPS on that phone to be used to create a location point for the sighting of your dog – these sightings are then sent anonymously and encrypted from that device.

If someone in the wider community who has the Doggone app on their phone sees your dog out wandering alone, they can quickly and easily mark your dog as wandering in the app and you will receive a real-time notification of its location.

In addition, the SMS technology enables all members of the community to immediately help reunite a lost dog with its owner by simply free-texting the dog’s registration number.

What We Built

Online web portal for customer service and a back-end database to store dog tracking information.


We worked to integrate an existing legacy database by creating a modern API and connecting that with the customer service portal. Complexity is kept behind the scenes, so the app can operate efficiently and Doggone didn’t need to abandon their existing (older) database.


Setup and automated push notifications to mobile phones as well as SMS and email alerts. Speed is crucial when you’re trying to reunite a lost dog with their owner.

UX Design

The portal was designed with ease-of-use in mind for animal management officers to track and manage cases.


Custom D worked alongside Smudge, a leading NZ mobile app developer. The close partnership and working relationship meant every detail could be translated properly to deliver a cohesive cross-platform solution.