Art Money

AWS Scalability & Security

Art Money AWS

Art Money is now the largest global platform providing finance for art buyers. They provide credit for purchasing art from $500 up to $100,000 and the entire application process is done online.

Given the amount of personal identification and sensitive financial information captured, security quickly became a top priority as they grew from a Sydney-based startup to operating globally with over 1700 partner galleries around the world.

Along with developing the web platform itself, we also helped Art Money to ensure the back-end infrastructure was there to support their phenomenal growth. As AWS Advanced Tier Partners, we leveraged AWS's robust infrastructure and extensive suite of services to ensure optimal performance and flexibility.

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They are genuinely interested in and committed to our company purpose. They are a true partner.

Paul Becker - CEO & Founder, Art Money

Reliability & Resilience

As Art Money grew and gained publicity, it saw increasing demands put on the hosting. Art fairs and events saw huge spikes in traffic, and these times were critical for sales and brand exposure.

To ensure continued uptime and resilience under high demand, we setup a Amazon Managed Kubernetes Service (EKS) cluster along with the Amazon Relational Database service (RDS). Load balancing and multiple availability zones ensure the system runs smoothly at all times.


Peaks in traffic and applications can cause unexpected demands. AWS Auto Scaling is used to monitor the Art Money platform automatically and adjust capacity to maintain steady, predictable performance at the lowest cost. We also run a monthly report where trends or opportunities for further optimisation are noted.


Both Amazon ElastiCache and Amazon CloudFront - content delivery network, are used to ensure fast and reliable loading of content and assets for users around the globe. Amazon CloudWatch is also used to monitor the entire tech stack for alarms, logs, and critical events.


The system handles sensitive information which is secured using AWS encryption at rest. Industry standard encryption algorithms are used to ensure data is secure.