Aviation Safety Mobile App

Safety and risk management is a mission critical topic for the aviation industry. And QAOSH AvivationSMS has been providing tools, services and certification in this area for over 20 years.

They approached us with a web-based safety and maintenance reporting tool, consisting of various online forms. While these forms met basic requirements, the number one request by customers has been for a mobile app (iOS and Android).

Clear benefits to offering a mobile app include on-the-go convenience and the ability to use it even without an active internet connection.

QAOSH engaged us to deliver the mobile app and to ensure an intuitive experience for customers.

Quote Mark

They took their time with understanding our needs before providing suitable solutions for us.

Director, QAOSH AviationSMS

What We Built

Mobile app (iOS and Android) with secure authentication, guest mode, reporting forms, confidential reports and offline mode.

Intuitive Form Design

The mobile forms were designed with ease-of-use and efficiency in mind. They also need to cater to a wide range or users including: employees, outsourced maintenance companies, mechanics and repairers.

Offline Mode

The app can work in offline mode which is crucial when the user is out of range of a cell signal or when flight mode is turned on. The data is then synced up to a central database when an active internet connection returns.

Integrated & Secure

We integrated with an external authentication API ( that QAOSH was already using. That allowed us to make use of user authentication without having to rebuild new functionality.