Committee for Perth

Association Website Redesign

Associations Website Design

The Committee for Perth is focused on making a positive difference to Perth’s future. Through their research they inform and advocate for change that improves the cultural diversity, economic prosperity, sustainability and world class amenity of Perth.

Committee for Perth approached us to redesign their website to be more engaging, more accessible and better leveraged to help boost membership, retain members, and better engage the public. With so many research articles the website was starting to act more like an archive of info rather than a place to inspire and inform members.

What We Did

Website redesign, mobile responsive, landing page content management.


We added a new function to CFP’s content management system allowing them to add landing pages for each of the research papers. Providing a snap shot summary of the research and pulling out important infographics. This helps the articles be found via search engines and readability while on mobile devices.

UX Improvements

With encouraging members to spend longer on the website a key objective we redesigned the site map, reducing the number of different pages and combining them so the user can flow through the site better. Making use of expandable boxes and strategic CTA's.