Architectural Designers NZ

Association Website & Member Portal

ADNZ is the leading association for architectural designers throughout New Zealand. With a growing base of members and specific needs for event management and tracking of professional development points, it was clear that what they needed was something tailored to them.

For the 350 Architectural Designer and Architect members of ADNZ, the website is a chance to showcase their work, discuss topics, book events and keep up with the latest news from their local area. And it's all integrated with an offline membership database.

Quote Mark

Custom D were fantastic to work with. They know their stuff, are open, and are all about delivering excellent results for their clients.

Nathan Moher - ADNZ

What We Built

A responsive website and member portal.


The website attracts members with multiple resources and opportunities, including events and industry related content on their blog.


The private area of the website is where members can complete activities, earn points, book events, and communicate with other users. Simplified chat enables members to talk about topics that engage and connect.


Automated submission and allocation of professional development points allows the staff to focus on providing value to members, not administration overheads. A separate and secure administration tool allows ADNZ staff to manage all content, and keep a close eye on how all members are tracking.